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At IRN, our approach towards peacebuilding focuses on strengthening the sustainability of peace so as to reduce lapsing or relapsing into violence and conflict. We never underestimate the power of bringing people together to actualize peace and repair broken relationships. We organize seminars, peace talk shows, peace dialogues, and support campaigns that are targeted towards promoting peaceful coexistence. As a result of our peacebuilding activities, Christians and Muslims Uniform Youth groups in Mubi help each other, especially in securing religious places of worship. You can easily notice member(s) of the Muslim Group “Agaji” guarding a Church, and also member(s) of the Christian group “Boys Brigade” guarding a Mosque. This was a fulfillment of a challenge thrown to the both religions during IRN’s Peace Seminar. Respect and understanding between the Christians and Muslims also became apparent unlike during the crisis era in Mubi. Both religions now live in an increased unity and peace.

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We are focused on liberating mankind by enhancing peace, and by identifying and supporting those vulnerable survivors within post conflict communities whose lives are endangered by conflict and/or disaster.


We envision a world, where peace exist, where every child, woman, and youth attains right to survival, protection, development and participation, and a world where the lives of people are positively transformed and developed.

Our Values


We take responsibilities for using our resources efficiently and effectively, and we make sure that we achieve results from it.


We are always seeing to set high goals and being committed towards improving the quality of every function or task we undertake.


We respect and value each other, we settle our differences for effective teamwork, and we seek and work with partners and supporters to expand our strength in impacting on peoples’ lives.


We are open to new ideas, we embrace change, and we welcome intellectual reforms and strategies.


We value our reputation, and we aspire to live in high standards of individual honesty and behavior.


We value and access each gender with equality and without discrimination.

Our Partners